Messenger Speech Therapy, LLC offers specialized, private-pay services in Morgantown, West Virginia. Specialization areas include: motor planning disorders (childhood apraxia of speech), speech sound (and phonological) disorders, and neurodiversity-aligned intervention for autistic children. I aim to provide compassionate, customized therapy geared toward generalization and carryover.
Services are offered at 300 Wedgewood Drive, Suite 120 and are tailored to include parent involvement. 

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Your child's overall speech and language skills are assessed through parent interviews, play-based informal assessments, and formal standardized assessments. 

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Sessions are provided in-office and are dynamic and engaging. The strategies and techniques used during sessions are based on current research, clinical expertise, and years of experience.

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It is easy to feel overwhelmed when searching for accurate, relevant information on the Internet. Let me help get you started with some of my favorite resources. All of the resources provided are evidence-based and parent-friendly.

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